The meaning of the colors for the flowers

In the language of flowers, each color is associated with the expression of a feeling.

But remember that (usually) a person who receives flowers is very pleased and do not systematically search the meaning of a bouquet of flowers.


Symbolizes purity, sincerity, but also the refinement and elegance.

Can send white flowers to make a declaration of platonic love, but also to express the admiration that we feel towards someone. Indeed, the purity of white evokes the beauty and perfection. It is used also for a birth.


Is a violent color that expresses the passion and warmth of feelings.

The red flower is used to make a declaration of love passionate to the beloved person.


Is a color that evokes the light, the Sun and the harmony.

The yellow flowers will therefore express happiness to love and be loved (e) or simply the joy of living. But it is also commonly associated with betrayal.


Implies youth, gentleness and tenderness.

Will be pink flowers to express his friendship, his tender love or great admiration.


Expresses the delicacy, the depth of feelings. softness, generosity, humility.

Purple flowers will be sent to remind loved one think it, either to serve him his love discreetly.


Symbolizes joy, gaiety and the complete satisfaction for a success already achieved.

From the sentimental point of view also expressed a love solid and satisfactory.


Is the symbol of hope

The blue flowers express the sense of calm, dignity and serenity.


Represents the joy and optimism, nature.

It can express a future love. For the person you like without daring to tell him.

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