Tips for the maintenance of your flowers, orchids and plants

Daniel Müller, professional florist and owner of the shop say it with flowers, offers advice to keep your flowers fresh longer, treat its orchids and plants.

Tips to keep her bouquets of flowers

The flowers are afraid the heat and the dry air of our apartments

  • Put your flowers in cool water.
  • Add the curator for cut flower, that your florist has given you (observe the doses).
  • Do not put the vase near a source of heat (radiator).
  • Put the vase of flowers in a cool room for the night.
  • Change the water of flowers every day having taken care to wash the vase.
  • Add the preservative for cut flowers (observe the doses).
  • Every 2-3 days re-cut stems bevel with a sharp to 1 centimeter knife (no scissors or pruning shears which overwrites the stems).

Tips for your orchids

  • The ideal temperature for orchids is from 18 to 21 degrees.
  • They like light, but not the direct rays of the Sun.
  • A spray from time to time, they should be if the air is too dry.
  • Especially, do not water your orchids. Once every ten days is sufficient (humidification exaggerated risk lead to the occurrence of fungi or rot on the roots).
  • Choose non-calcareous water, rain water or a water source for irrigation.
  • Do not wet the heart of leaves, otherwise it will rot.
  • For watering, fill a bucket of water to completely immerse the base of the plant.
  • Allow it a few minutes, until that air bubbles rise more to the surface. Then, drain the motte. This operation allows to moisten the roots.
  • Cut the stem which flowers are faded over the 2 nd eye.

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