Wave of mourning with or without Ribbon (G1)

Mourning with or without Ribbon wreath

Firms12 50cm: 120 - Chf (Sans ruban)
Height2 60cm: 200.-Chf
Note 70cm: 250 - Chf
Taille4 80cm: 300 - Chf
Bank.5 100cm: - Chf 350
Taille6 120cm: 400 - Chf
Size7 150cm: 450.-Chf
Taille8 180cm: 500.-Chf
Size9 200cm: 600 - Chf

The sizes from the height2 are with or without Ribbon
gerbe deuil
Sales price: 120,00 CHF
Sales price without tax: 120,00 CHF
Price: No additional charge

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